What I'm working on these days
I moved to London for work a few months ago. Before this, I used to run engineering at Clear (YCombinator S14), launching their flagship consumer mobile app, Black.
I took part in On Deck Founder Fellowship recently which was a lot of fun.
Besides work, I engage with a few communities. I am building LearnAwesome.Org - humanity’s learning map by collecting the best learning resources from the Web on various topics which will be able to generate optimal learning pathways. And I occasionally volunteer with DhiMath with their online and offline events around recreational mathematics.
On the music-making front, I started playing the keyboard recently. Watching Pehla Nasha cover by Chetan Ghodeshwar is what gave me the final nudge. BlackStratBlues continues to be the favourite. I have also started enjoying Led Zeppelin and Queen a lot more.
Last modified 9mo ago