What I'm working on these days

I currently run engineering at ClearTax (YCombinator S14), where our goal is to simplify financial lives of consumers and businesses in India. Taxes, investments, and finance are hard but ClearTax is building some really good solutions in this domain. I’m having a lot of fun building things on the consumer front for them.

I am also part of a few communities. I founded LearnAwesome.Org where we are building humanity’s learning map by collecting the best learning resources from the Web on various topics which will be able to generate optimal learning pathways. Another initiative is Polyglot.Network which will be an open-source software development agency. And then there is DhiMath where we do online and offline events around recreational mathematics.

On the music-making front, I started playing the keyboard recently. Watching Pehla Nasha cover by Chetan Ghodeshwar is what gave me the final nudge. BlackStratBlues continues to be the favorite. I have also started enjoying Led Zeppelin and Queen a lot more.