Hi! 👋 I’m a 40yr old software engineer from India - specialising in web & mobile software, with experience in data science, hardware, blockchains, physics & mathematics. After my engineering education from IIT Kharagpur & MBA from IIM Lucknow, I have worked with tech companies (WhatsApp/Meta, ClearTax, HyperTrack, Possible/Truweight etc) as engineer and engineering leader (CTO/Director/Engineering Manager) for more than 18 years.
I love programming and building good, honest technology. You may like to see what I am up to now. My personal open-source passion project is You can see some of my past work here.
I like to play maths, make music, learn new things and write open-source software. If you wish to contact me about something, please send me a message on Twitter or Mastodon.


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